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Order # D1D2D3D4D5D6Unit of Measure Your Price Buy
CS $116.02
GPC25080 TuffMate Extra-Strength Shop RagsWIPERS HYDRASPUN POP-UP 8/100'S---
CS $208.78
HOSPR811 Creped Blue WipersSONTARA EC WIPERS 1000 CT. POLYBAG---
CS $160.22
CS $60.60
IFC1100 Like-Ragsョ Cloth Rag Replacement WipersLIKE-RAGS TOWELS250/CASE14.4 x 14--
CS $66.34
IFC1175 Like-Ragsョ Cloth Rag Replacement WipersLIKE RAGS JR. 250/CA(1176)12 x 12--
CS $48.42
KCC34015 WypAllョ X60 Reinforced Wipers in BRAGョ Box12-1/2 x 16-4/5WYPALL X60 TERI WIPERS,WHITE1 Box per CaseWYPALL X60 TERI WIPERS,WHITE180 Wipers per BoxCS $20.62
KCC34790 WypAllョ X60 Reinforced Wipers in POP-UPョ Box9-1/10 x 16-4/5WYPALL X60 TERI WIPERS,WHITE10 Boxes per CaseWYPALL X60 TERI WIPERS,WHITE126 Wipers per BoxCS $111.77
KCC34865 WypAllョ X60 Reinforced Quarterfold Wipers12-1/2 x 14-2/5WYPALL X60 TERI WIPERS,WHITE12 Packs per CaseWYPALL X60 TERI WIPERS,WHITE76 Wipers per PackCS $104.22
KCC34955 WypAllョ X60 Reinforced Jumbo Roll Wipers12-1/2 x 13-2/5WYPALL X60 TERI WIPERS,WHITE1 Roll per CaseWYPALL X60 TERI WIPERS,WHITE1,100 Wipers per RollCS $97.69
KCC41026 WypAllョ X80 Cloth Quarterfold TowelsWhite12-1/2 x 14-2/5 Sheets.4 Packs per CaseWYPALL X80 SHOPPRO QTR FOLD WIPER,WHITE50 Towels per PackCS $39.71
KCC41029 WypAllョ X80 Cloth Quarterfold TowelsRed12-1/2 x 14-2/5 Sheets.4 Packs per CaseWYPALL X80 SHOPPRO 1/4 FOLD WIPER,ORANGE50 Towels per PackCS $39.71
KCC41041 WypAllョ X80 Cloth Towels in BRAGョ BoxBlue12-1/2 x 16-4/5 Sheet.1 Box per CaseWYPALL X80 SHOPPRO WIPE, BLUE160 Towels per BoxCS $37.28
KCC41055 WypAllョ X80 Cloth Jumbo Roll TowelsRed12-1/2 x 13-2/5 Sheets1 Roll per CaseWYPALL X80 SHOPPRO WIPER,ORANGE,JUMBO ROLL475 Towels per RollCS $78.92
KCC41100 WypAllョ X70 Manufactured Flat Sheet RagsWhite14-4/5 x 16-3/5.1 Box per CaseWYPALL X70 WORKHORSE RAGS,WHITE300 Rags per BoxCS $83.24
KCC41200 WypAllョ X70 Manufactured Quarterfold RagsWhite12-1/2 x 14-2/5.12 Packs per CaseWYPALL X70 WORKHORSE RAGS,WHITE76 Rags per PackCS $139.44
KCC41300 WypAllョ X70 Manufactured Rags in BRAGョ BoxWhite12-1/2 x 16-4/5.1 Box per CaseWYPALL X70 WORKHORSE RAGS,WHITE152 Rags per BoxCS $36.59
KCC41412 WypAllョ X70 Manufactured Rags in POP-UPョ BoxBlue9-1/10 x 16-4/5.10 Boxes per CaseWYPALL X70 WORKHORSE RAGS,BLUE100 Rags per BoxCS $182.80
KCC41455 WypAllョ X70 Manufactured Rags in POP-UPョ BoxWhite9-1/10 x 16-4/5.10 Boxes per CaseWYPALL X70 WORKHORSE RAGS,WHITE100 Rags per BoxCS $163.97
KCC41600 WypAllョ X70 Manufactured Jumbo Roll RagsWhite12-1/2 x 13-2/5.1 Roll per CaseWYPALL X70 WORKHORSE RAGS,WHITE870 Rags per RollCS $128.99