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Full-Size Bar Soap

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Order # D1D2D3D4D5D6Unit of Measure Your Price Buy
DIA00098 Dial SoapDeodorant SoapUnwrapped.200 Bars per CaseDIAL DEOD SOAP,UNWRAPPD2.5 oz. BarCS $61.28
DIA00910 Dial SoapGold SoapIndividually wrapped.72 Bars per CaseDIAL SOAP-RETAIL WRAP-72-3.53.5-oz. BarCS $74.48
DIA02401 Dial SoapGold SoapIndividually wrapped.72 Bars per CaseDIAL GOLD SOAP,4.5OZ4.5-oz. BarCS $85.48
DIA11624 Coast®4.5-oz. BarThree bars per pack. 18 packs per case. 54 bars peCOAST BAR SOAP,5OZ-
CS $68.50
DRK2979831 LUX®72 Bars per CaseLUX BAR SOAP,WRPPD-3.2-oz. Bar
CS $56.30
DRKCB325217 Lever 2000®48 Bars per CaseLEVER 2000 REG BAR SOAP-3.15-oz. Bar
CS $68.04
DRKCB610795 Dove®72 Bars per CaseDOVE WHITE BATH SOAP-4.75-oz. Bar
CS $187.24
DRKCB614243 Dove®48 Bars per CaseDOVE WHITE REG BAR SOAP-3.5-oz. Bar
CS $104.62
PGC30044 Ivory® Soap4.5-oz. BarFour bars per pack. 18 packs per case. 72 bars perIVORY SOAP-
CS $66.07
PGC30638 Camay4.5-oz. BarThree bars per pack. 16 packs per case. 48 bars peCAMAY-
CS $59.71
PGC31000 Zest®3.2-oz. Bar48 bars per case.ZEST SOAP,3.2OZ-
CS $51.40
PGC32136 Ivory® Soap3.1-oz. Bar(Not shown.) Three bars per pack. 32 packs per casIVORY BAR SOAP-
CS $64.40
PGC40714 Safeguard® Deodorant Soap4.3-oz. BarFour bars per pack. 12 packs per case. 48 bars perSAFEGUARD BATH BAR,4.3OZ-
CS $44.26