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Order # D1D2D3D4D5D6Unit of Measure Your Price Buy
RCPH116 Side Gate60" Hardwood HandleHANDLE,INVADER,WOOD HDLE,60HANDLE,INVADER,WOOD HDLE,60Yellow/Gray Handle
EA $15.64
RCPH126 Side Gate60" Aluminum HandleHANDLE,INVADER,ALUM HDLE,60HANDLE,INVADER,ALUM HDLE,60Yellow/Gray Handle
EA $21.82
RCPH136 Side Gate60" Vinyl-Covered Aluminum HandleHANDLE,INVADER,VINYL ALUM,60HANDLE,INVADER,VINYL ALUM,60Yellow/Gray Handle
EA $24.04
RCPH146 Side Gate60" Fiberglass HandleBlue, green and red fiberglass handles also availaHANDLE,INVADER,FIBERGLAS,60-
EA $24.04
RCPH216 Clamp60" Hardwood HandleHANDLE,GRIPPER,WOOD HDLE,60HANDLE,GRIPPER,WOOD HDLE,60Yellow/Gray Handle
EA $16.35
RCPH226 Clamp60" Aluminum HandleHANDLE,GRIPPER,ALUM HDLE,60HANDLE,GRIPPER,ALUM HDLE,60Yellow/Gray Handle
EA $21.56
RCPH235 Clamp54" Vinyl-Covered Aluminum HandleHANDLE,GRIPPER,VINYLALUM,54HANDLE,GRIPPER,VINYLALUM,54Yellow/Gray Handle
EA $23.06
RCPH236 Clamp60" Vinyl-Covered Aluminum HandleHANDLE,GRIPPER,VINYL ALUM,60HANDLE,GRIPPER,VINYL ALUM,60Yellow/Gray Handle
EA $23.82
RCPH246GRA Clamp60" Fiberglass HandleBlue, green and red fiberglass handles also availaHANDLE,GRIPPER,FIBERGLASS,60-
EA $23.82