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Order # D1D2D3D4D5D6Unit of Measure Your Price Buy
DIX2338AC Mira-Glaze™ Paper Hot Cups8-oz. SizeUses lid DIX DL9538, sold separately.REFER TO DIX 2338SAGE-
CS $96.36
DIX2338SAGE Mira-Glaze™ Paper Hot Cups, Sage Collection Design8-oz. CupUses lid DIX DL9538, sold separately.8 OZ MIRA-GLAZE PAPER HOT CUPS-SAGE COLLECTION-
CS $93.96
DIX2342AC Mira-Glaze™ Paper Hot Cups12-oz. SizeUses lid DIX D9542, sold separately.REFER TO DIX 2342SAGE-
CS $130.39
DIX2342SAGE Mira-Glaze™ Paper Hot Cups, Sage Collection Design12-oz. CupUses lid DIX D9542, sold separately.12 OZ MIRA-GLAZE PAPER HOT CUPS-SAGE COLLECTION-
CS $124.89
DIX5338CD PerfecTouch™ Hot CupsHOT CUP,PERFECTOUCH,POLYCOAT,8OZ8-oz. Cup--
CS $151.31
DIX5342CD PerfecTouch™ Hot CupsHOT CUP,PERFECTOUCH,POLYCOAT,12OZ12-oz. Cup--
CS $199.50
DIX5356CD PerfecTouch™ Hot CupsHOT CUP,PERFECTOUCH,POLYCOAT,16OZ16-oz. Cup--
CS $245.38
DIXD9538 Plastic Dome LidsFits 8-oz. Cup(DIX 5338CD, DIX 2338SAGE), sold separately.DOME LID FOR 8OZ HOT CUP-
CS $93.41
DIXD9542 Plastic Dome LidsFits 12-oz. & 16-oz. Cup12-oz. (DIX 5342CD, DIX 2342SAGE) and 16-oz. (DIX DOME LID FOR 12-16OZ HOT CUP-
CS $106.62
SWEP506J Paper Hot Cups6 OZ PAPER HOT CUP JAZZ6-oz. CupCall for Pricing-
CS $0.01
SWEP508J Paper Hot Cups8 OZ PAPER HOT CUP JAZZ8-oz. CupCall for Pricing-
CS $0.01
SWEP510J Paper Hot Cups10 OZ PAPER HOT CUP JAZZ10-oz. CupCall for Pricing-
CS $0.01
SWEP512J Paper Hot Cups12 OZ PAPER HOT CUP JAZZ12-oz. CupCall for Pricing-
CS $0.01
SWEP516J Paper Hot Cups16 OZ PAPER HOT CUP JAZZ16-oz. CupCall for Pricing-
CS $0.01
SWEP520J Paper Hot Cups20 OZ PAPER HOT CUP JAZZ20-oz. CupCall for Pricing-
CS $0.01