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Vermont Precision Black Guard Gage Pin Sets

Black oxide treatment helps prevent corrosion And shows gage wear saving money and time. Make quick and accurate measurements with Black Guard Pin Gages. Measure hole sizes. Calculate distances between holes. Gage slot widths. Check locations. Use for Go / No-Go gaging. Size in micrometers and Snap gages. These gages are a must for anyone Making frequent and varied measurements. Black Guard only from Vermont Gage.

Black Guard black oxide treatment typically penetrates .00004" to .00006" deep, which will visually reveal wear patterns allowing the inspector to calibrate or replace gage pins more effectively. Black Guard treatment will help prevent rust and corrosion which will extend the useful life of the gage.

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Order # Size RangeNo. of GagesTolerance (+/- .0002") Your Price Find a Distributor for Your Area
90831000 .0060"-.0600"55Plus $70.25
90831002 .0110"-.0600"50Plus $53.72
90831004 .0110"-.2500"240Plus $165.29
90831006 .0610"-.2500"190Plus $119.84
90831008 .2510"-.5000"250Plus $177.69
90831010 .5010"-.6250"125Plus $206.62
90831012 .6260"-.7500"125Plus $227.28
90831014 .7510"-.8320"82Plus $392.57
90831016 .8330"-.9160"84Plus $454.55
90831018 .9170"-1.0000"84Plus $475.21
90832000 .0060"-.0600"55Minus $70.25
90832001 .0110"-.0600"50Minus $53.72
90832003 .0110"-.2500"240Minus $165.29
90832005 .0610"-.2500"190Minus $119.84
90832007 .2510"-.5000"250Minus $177.69
90832009 .5010"-.6250"125Minus $206.62
90832011 .6260"-.7500"125Minus $227.28
90832013 .7510"-.8320"82Minus $392.57
90832015 .8330"-.9160"84Minus $454.55
90832017 .9170"-1.0000"84Minus $475.21